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An "Expert Generalist" with a passion for helping others!

Kelvin has worked as a professional therapist for 20 years. He has seen and treated a wide array of musculo-skeletal conditions, sports injuries and has helped coach athletes to achieve their goals. He is highly experienced and aims to find effective solutions for everyone. Kelvin has a particular interest in Sports injuries, predominantly those associated with cycling and running. He therefore provides both running analysis and bike-fit to help prevent such injuries.


Our coaching is aimed at helping the novice & the weekend warrior take their abilites to the next level. Equally, if you have signed up for a big endurance event such as a Marathon - for charity, and suddenly feel out of your depth - we are here to help! Coaching is not just for elite athletes!

We can help program you for: Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra-Marathon, Half Ironman (70.3), Full Ironman, Endurance cycling or Long distance walks such as: Moonwalk and Shine. Please ask if your event is not on the list.

Sports Injury Treatment

Our manual therapy service is provided to help both athletes and non-athletes. Kelvin has practiced Chiropractic care in Alton for over 10 years, and has provided pain relief and rehabilitation for people of all ages, enabling them to return to work, sport and daily activities.

Primarily, we treat muscle and joint problems affecting the spine (back & neck pain). We see many other problems including those related to; the shoulder, hip, knee and headaches. Work and sports related injuries are also common .

Kelvin uses either individually or a combination of: Joint manipulation, Sports massage, Dry Needle Acupuncture, Advice and Rehabilitation exercise.

Initial sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration and include; history, examination and treatment. Follow-up treatment sessions are usually 30 minutes.

Running Analysis for Injury Prevention

Our running analysis is designed to determine the biomechanical cause of your running injury and help prevent future injury. We will identify movement patterns in your running gait that likely contribute to injury and inefficiency and then re-educate basic running technique.

We will use Dynamic Movement Skills to identify compensatory movement, single leg discrepancies, and muscle activation issues and then help you to re-educate and correct your basic running technique

Bike-Fit for Injury Prevention

Our Bike-fit is designed around comfort and injury prevention/rehabilitation and derived from functional anatomy and biomechanics. Our years of clinical experience in postural correction is now focused on synchronising you and your bike.

The range of bike-fits can cover: discussion of your riding experience and goals, medical history, physical examination, bike mechanical problems and any particular issues which you may have with your current bike setup, such as back, neck or knee pain.

Your bike will be placed on a stationary turbo and will include observation of your riding style, assesment of your fit and form on the bike and then suitable corrections will be made.

Depending on your needs, the fitter will address cleat setup, seat height, pedaling motion & reach to the handlebars. A fit can take between one to four hours depending on the package you select.

We offer several packages of bike-fit from basic set-up to full injury rehabilitation and treatment.

Triathlon Training Mini-Camps - New Forest

Tri-Training Mini-Camps are based in Brockenhurst. Situated in the Heart of The New Forest you will be a stones throw from The New Forest Triathlon bike course. We offer a 3 night stay with arrival on Thursday evening so that we can maximise our training time from Friday to Sunday.

Camps are designed to cater for small groups (6 people), 8 if 2 extra people wish to camp in the facility. We have 2 log cabins and an internal room that all contain double beds. There is an onsite outdoor jacuuzi, sauna, shower/ toilet facilities, BBQ area, of which we will use each night (weather permitting). Mini-camps are fully inclusive of the main meals of the day. We have several male and female Ironman athletes amongst the organisers, enabling us to cater for different groups of ability and pace. If we know your training goals in advance we can adapt the weekend to suit your needs as much as possible within the group environment.

For those of you not familiar with the area we have great opportunities to accommodate the following: Open water swimming at Ellingham Lake (saturday mornings), Open water sea swimming, Undulating scenic bike routes (mostly country roads limited to 40mph), road & trail running. Beautiful scenery!

Open water swim costs at Ellingham lake are currently: NOWCA members £6.00 / Non-NOWCA £9.00. This is not included in our camp price so you can benefit from your NOWCA membership if you have one.

You do not need to be a group of 6 to book! We will have set dates for Tri-training weekends so contact us to sign up.

Camp dates: All camps are 3 nights - Thurs pm arrival

All 2019 dates are now full! We will post 2020 dates towards the start of the season 2020. Thank you

For Tri-Camp questons and bookings please use Email only.

Alton Trail Runners

A Free non sign-up non coached Facebook based Trail Running Group for beginners/ improversl. We wait for everybody & use a re-group strategy so nobody gets left behind.

Come and join us Wednesday nights on the beautoiful trails surrounding Alton! Be social, get active, learn new skills, lose weight, no roads, no cars, no judgments, make new training buddies.

Please visit and like "Alton Trail Runners" Facebook page and find where we are running from on the next available Wednesday evening. Usual start time 7pm.